Education can set us up for life

While most of us no doubt complained about having to go to school when we were younger, education can in fact set us up for life. From an early aged we’re plunged into a classroom and taught how to read, how to differentiate between colors and how to write.

Although many of us have a sense of relief that our school days are over, there’s no doubt that we learnt a lot. The very fact that you’re able to read this article, and indeed that I’m able to write it is testament to the dedication of the teachers who taught us.

Whether you went to a good or a bad school, you can be sure that you came away with more knowledge that you realize. You know the days of the week, how to count, how to spell and you know how to buy food in a shop. Of course there is no doubt that your parents or guardians would have taught you to do the same, but you probably learnt a lot of these skills at school.

Setting us up for life

Education can therefore set us up for life. It can help us to discover our talents and encourage us to pursue a career. It can help us to understand the world a bit better, and it can also help us to hone our skills so we get the job we want, and the experience we need too.

But does education work for all? There is no doubt that it has failed some of us, but for the most part it has proven to be successful. Anyone who leaves school with a qualification of some sort has not failed. Those who have left school without qualifications perhaps needed to be taught in a different manner. On the other hand, troubles at home could also have been so bad that sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher was hard to do.

For the most part, education has set us up for life. It gives us the skills we need to get by, it encourages us to explore many different subjects, and it can leave us with qualifications to be proud of.

No matter how old you are, or how young you feel, education can be the means by which you grow and become an learned child or adult with the world in the palm of your hands.

Can you succeed in life without going to university?

uniWe are all encouraged to pursue education and get a degree if we can. We know that right now the job’s market is quite volatile, which means there’s more competition for jobs that ever before.

These days’ it’s almost considered unusual for anyone to leave school and not further their education. This is because we’re all told how valid a good education is, even if it doesn’t guarantee you a job at the end of it.

But can you succeed in life without going to university? Or will you end up jobless for years, just wishing you’d applied for a course you had a bit of interest in?

Proving yourself

The fact of the matter is that you can be successful without going to university, but you may have to work harder to prove yourself to prospective employers. I don’t have a degree, yet I have run my own business for almost 3 years. Aside from being told by my parents I wasn’t smart enough to get a degree, I didn’t want to study once I’d left college, I just wanted to work.

3 years ago I quit my full time job as a shop manager and I took the plunge and set up my own business. My brother who has a degree and is a lot cleverer than me, apparently, drives a bus. In terms of careers, mine is more successful as my business has a good reputation and is still growing. My brother’s career provides him with a stable income, but he’s not as far up the career ladder as he would like.

Success means different things to different people

So, from my point of view, I am convinced you can succeed in life without going to university. When we talk about succeeding in life, we all have different priorities and being successful means different things.

What may be deemed successful for one person, may not be deemed successful for another. If you don’t have a degree, but you’re able to earn enough money to put food on your families’ plate, and you enjoy your job, that is success.